Is it a rocket?


Is it a ghost from pac-man?


Is it a paw?


Is it a dollar sign?


No. It’s Dogecoin.


Dogecoin Rebranding Proposal

The new logo is emphasizing the best aspects of Dogecoin – its fun and playful nature, the friendly community and a possibility to become a millionaire.

The new brand is not leaving behind Doge – the famous picture of Shiba Inu and all the Internet memes associated with it. Doge is the most important part of the Dogecoin identity.

The Shiba Inu Doge is becoming the official mascot of Dogecoin.

We can have a professionally looking logo and at the same time play with the Doge as a meme. That’s two in one.


The new Dogecoin logo is targeted at a wider audience. For the outsiders, the dog on a coin doesn’t create a trustworthy impression.

The new logo aims at creating professional feel and at the same time keeping all the best aspects of the coin.

realistic fit

Simplified version.

Moon version.

The color makes it stand out from the crypto currency crowd and also it symbolizes the fun and playful nature of Dogecoin.

New Dogecoin logo stands strong in the same league as Bitcoin and Litecoin.

Download full Dogecoin v.2 logo package

If the new logo will be accepted by the community, I will create additional visual communication materials and identity guidelines.

We can be professional, but keep it fun and not serious.

Design proposal by ED