Timeless Dogecoin logo. DOGE v.2
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Dogecoin is a widely known brand name.

But now it is associated with “pump and dump”, ”comic sans” and a
short-living “meme” – people do not invest in these kind of things.

We can change that.

A new identity is emphasizing the best aspects of Dogecoin – its fun nature,
friendly community and possibility to become a millionaire.

We are keeping the doge as our mascot.
We should stop identifying with the meme.
We should mature into something that can be more
widely accepted and can stand the test of time.
We are not dropping doge.
We will still use it as our mascot. Much love for doge.
But we don’t depend on the meme anymore.
Starting with meme, we have transformed into
a strong community where everyone is welcome
and everyone can be a millionaire.
It is quite unlikely that public will invest in meme,
but it is very likely that public will invest into a friendly
coin where you can become a slumdoge millionaire,
have a strong community and a lot of
enthusiastic people.

In short, DOGE is official mascot of Dogecoin.

The symbol is a rocket, a dog paw and a $ sign.

Simplified version.

Moon version.

The color makes it stand out from the crypto currency crowd
and also it symbolizes the fun and friendly nature of Dogecoin.

Dogecoin now stands strong in the same league as
Bitcoin and Litecoin.

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